The Great Bourbons of Kentucky

I was out and about yesterday, making the retail rounds, when I overheard a whiskey customer tell his companion:

“You know, there are a lot great whiskies being made all over the country right now, but everyone still seems obsessed with Kentucky.”

Yep. See my post from yesterday for an explanation as to why.

When it comes to particular brands, most people seem to get that flavor isn’t necessarily the most important factor when making a purchase. The folks I know in the booze business bemoan the popularity of the cult whiskey phenomena and wish more consumers would expand their focus. But Kentucky as a state is also a brand. Bourbon is its culture and for a number of drinkers—myself included—that culture is a big part of what makes drinking Bourbon so fun. To expect consumers to disassociate their desire with that connotation is asking a lot.

There’s a lot of Cabernet grown in France that isn’t from Bordeaux, but I don’t many people who care about it.

-David Driscoll